our mission

Our mission at Blessed Hope is to always praise Christ through: drawing people to Him; teaching them to become more Christ-like; and sending them out as His ambassadors.

DRAW - As a church, we want to help draw more and more people into a personal, life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.  We accomplish this through Christ-centered, family-friendly worship services, personal invitations, and through building relationships with those in our community.

TEACH - We desire that everyone who calls Blessed Hope home will take their responsibility to grow in Christian Discipleship seriously.  We want people to learn more and fall deeper in love with Jesus Christ.  We believe that this kind of growth happens best while in relationship with other believers and we accomplish this through Sunday School, classes, small groups, and accountability groups.

SEND – As we grow in Christian Discipleship it becomes more and more clear that God has a mission for us.  There is work to be done in the world in Jesus’ name.  As followers of Christ we have been remade with passion and purpose and God has given us the mission of spreading His good news and love to those in our community and around the world. 


RELATIONSHIPS - everyone is valuable and needs grace.
WORSHIP - it's all about God.
EXCELLENCE - if it's worth doing - it's worth doing well.
RELEVANCE - connecting when/where matters most.
DISCIPLESHIP - saved people grow.
BOLDNESS - try it - God is worth the risk.


Blessed Hope desires to be a church that is known in the community for making a real difference in the lives of those that are lost, hurting, frustrated, burned, burned-out and confused.  We strive to be an authentic church that demonstrates the grace and truth of Jesus Christ to a lost world - showing biblical love, hope, encouragement, and forgiveness to all in His name.

Blessed Hope Church

1509 South M Ave. · Vinton, IA 52349