Fall Sermon Series

We've all had those moments when a sudden revelation surprises us with insight. That moment when the "light" comes on, you sit up straight and feel a sense of excitement or relief. You can have this same kind of "aha!" moment in your spiritual life too. Be sure to join us for our fall sermon series, "Aha," to find out about the three key elements that can lead you to that moment and change your life for good. Beginning Sept. 9th! Every family will receive a free copy of Kyle Idleman's book, "AHA."

9/9 – the AHA experience

9/16 – the distant country

9/23 – a sudden awakening

9/30 – brutal honesty

10/7 – immediate action

10/14 – the final AHA

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Pastor Matt's practical Bible teaching challenges and encourages people to find faith and hope in Jesus Christ and to live out that faith wherever God has placed them in life. 

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