what keeps you up at night?

We’ve all been there. We lay down at night – exhausted from the day – our bodies begging for a restful night of sleep…but something in our brain just won’t let it happen. We toss and turn as our minds race back and forth – thinking…analyzing…processing…dreaming…worrying. For some reason, as soon as our head hits the pillow, we can’t stop thinking about our goals, our mistakes, and our futures. For some of us it’s marriage. For others it’s family. Maybe money…or even work. Whatever it is – it’s exhausting…and if we’ve learned anything by now, it’s that losing sleep over something doesn’t usually help one bit once the alarm goes off. There just simply has to be a better way! What if we told you that there is? That the Bible speaks to all of the issues that keep you up at night? And that it provides answers to your burning life questions? If you’re interested in finding out – and finally getting some sleep – then be sure to join us at Blessed Hope as we launch our new series, “What Keeps You Up at Night?”

4/8 – marriage

4/15 – family

4/22 – money

4/29 – work

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