just say yes

Following Jesus can be a struggle. Sometimes it’s hard to know what, when and why to do things. And even when we know what we’re supposed to do as Christians, it can be really hard to live it out. The struggle is real! That’s why we don’t think that anybody should be going through this journey alone – and that’s why we believe that small groups are so critical to our Christian Discipleship. It’s in small groups where we grow closer to one another and learn to live out our Christian call in community. But, we get it. Small groups can be intimidating and there are lots of reasons for saying no. But, no matter how good your excuses are, they are still just excuses. So, this fall, Blessed Hope is launching our new small group semester with the goal of 100% participation. It’s a tall order, but with your help we can do it. And if the legal defense team in your head is already working overdrive to figure out a way out – then join us as we debunk your best reasons for saying no to small group in our new sermon series, “just say yes.”

8/20 – I don’t have time for that

8/27 – I don’t need that

9/03 – I’m not touchy-feely enough for that

9/10 – I’m too afraid or shy for that

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