life in the spirit

As Christians, we know that we are supposed to live this life with confidence…with poise…with power. But how exactly does that work? This life is hard and things seem to be falling apart all around us! And in the midst of that, we’re supposed to live this confident, powerful life? Honestly…that’s just not very likely! At least…not as long as we’re living in our own power. But that’s the rub. As Christians…we don’t need to live this life under our own power. As Christians…we have the Holy Spirit living in us…and working through us. And in our rationalistic world, we don’t like to talk about the Holy Spirit very much…and sometimes the people that do…they seem a little too far out there for our comfort...especially when charismatic gets substituted for Spirit-filled. But the reality is that the Holy Spirit lives in Christians. Which means – the same power that rose Jesus from the grave, now lives inside of us. That’s a big deal…and it should change our lives! If your curious what that could practically look like in your life – join us at Blessed Hope Church as we pull apart Romans 8 in our new series, “Life in the Spirit.”

6/18 – New Nature

6/25 – The Battle for Control

7/2 – Wait for it…

7/9 – It’s in the Bag

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