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We're so excited to dive (no pun intended!) into the book of Jonah!

One of the lessons that the Bible puts in front of us often is that what we do for God is always less important than who we are in God. Through the story of Jonah we see a picture of a man who has a lot of right theology about God, but still struggles with a lot of false beliefs about him. And honestly, sometimes we can be in the same boat today. Is it really God’s desire to judge people? As Christians, are we God’s favorites? Our sin can’t really be as bad as theirs, can it? Does holy living really matter? Can we ever out-sin God’s grace? The truth is, whether we want to admit it or not, false beliefs about God creep into our daily living all the time. You are invited to Blessed Hope Church for our sermon series, “Jonah, and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Mission Trip!” where we’ll be exploring the life of Jonah and at the same time learning how Old Testament truth can teach us something today!

10/21 – call and response

10/28 – running away never works

11/04 – discipline and grace

11/11 – now or never

11/18 – picking favorites

11/25 – learning from his mistakes

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