ridiculous faith

“Keep the faith.” “You’ve got to have faith.” “Hold on to your faith.” “Faith will get you through.” “Faith isn’t believing God can but knowing he will.” You’ve heard it all before. Faith is a word that gets thrown around a lot in our churches and in society. Spend a Sunday in church and you’ll probably hear all about how you “need to have faith” and that you’ve got to “show your faith”. But what exactly does that mean in real life. What does it look like? What does it mean to live a life with such extraordinary faith that what seems normal to the people of God seems irrational and foolish to others? If you’ve ever struggled with that question, then you are not alone. Please join us at Blessed Hope as we explore a life of unexplainable faith through the life of Daniel in our new sermon series, “Ridiculous Faith.”

1/6 – a faith that defines us

1/13 – a faith that humbles us

1/20 – a faith that’s “to die for”

1/27 – a faith that stands up to evil

2/3 – a faith that saves us

2/10 – a faith that perseveres

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Pastor Matt's practical Bible teaching challenges and encourages people to find faith and hope in Jesus Christ and to live out that faith wherever God has placed them in life. 

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