Why Jesus?

Ask people on the street about the meaning of Christmas and the answers will most definitely vary. Some will be sentimental, saying that Christmas is about family togetherness. Others will be humanistic, seeing Christmas as a time to celebrate the love, peace and the spirit of giving. There may even be some that view Christmas as something altogether unnecessary. What is Christmas really about? Honestly…it’s all about Jesus! But in all of the busyness of the season, some people forget about Jesus. Others aren’t sure why we need to celebrate him. And still others are confused about who he is…or they honestly just don’t care. But the reality is that Jesus is essential to a well-lived life. So…please join us at Blessed Hope this Christmas season as we explore the question together “why Jesus?”

12/3 – why now?

12/10 – why a virgin?

12/17 – why does it matter?

12/24 – why this way?

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