I Am

It shows up all over the place in our culture. We’ve created a god in our minds who only faintly resembles the God of the Bible. These cheap versions of God might be able to give us some comfort or make us feel a little bit better…but they are powerless to transform our lives. As a culture, we’re not even sure that we need God anymore…and if we think we do…we like to come up with our own version of him. But the reality is, God is unchanging and “what comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us” (A.W. Tozer). If that is true – then we can’t afford to think wrongly about Him. So…join us at Blessed Hope for our new sermon series, “I AM” – where we explore the attributes of God and debunk the cultural challenges about Him.

9/17– why seeing God well matters – belief is private…believe what you want but keep it to yourself

9/24 – preexistence – evolution put God out of a job

10/1 – goodness – God can’t be good because a good God wouldn’t allow this much suffering

10/8 – sovereignty – everything is random…God isn’t in control of anything

10/15 – holiness – everyone sins a little but people are basically good

10/22 – wisdom – I know what’s best for me and I’ll be happiest when I do whatever I want

10/29 – justice – a good God would never send people to hell

11/5 – love – if God is even real, he could never even like me…much less love me

11/12 – faithfulness – the Bible is just a book…there is no reason to trust any of it

11/19 – supreme – God will accept the worship of all religions (Christianity, Judaism, Muslim, etc.

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