Understanding church 2/18-3/25

Have you ever wondered what it really means to be a part of a church? What that covenant community is really all about? Is it some sort of a spiritual country club where you pay your dues and they make sure that your needs are met - doing things just the way you like? Is it about you…or is it about something bigger than you? What if we told you that the church isn’t really about you…but that it’s still critical for you to be a part of it? That the church is on a life-saving mission? And that a church that is on mission is always one that will make you just a little bit uncomfortable? What if we told you that you are an essential part of it? The church is bigger than all of us individually, but it takes all of us to be successful in our mission. Find out more about the church during our new series, “Understanding Church.”

2/18 – mission (disciples who make disciples)

2/25 – leaders (elders)

3/4 – gender (understanding complementarianism)

3/11 – it’s not about you - WORSHIP

3/18 – it’s not about you - GROWTH

3/25 – it’s not about you - SERVICE

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