To be approved means to be found acceptable…worthy…useful. It’s the driving passion of any maturing Christian to be found “approved” for service by God. That approval motivates us. It drives us to pursue a real relationship with God and pushes us to serve him with our whole hearts. Not because we must…but because the deepest desire of our heart is to hear from our Heavenly Father, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” The words that we are accepted are like a salve that soothes our soul. So, how do we show ourselves approved? How do we fight the good fight? How do we live a life of faith in the midst of a broken and messy world? Be sure to join us at Blessed Hope as we explore 2nd Timothy and learn how to hold fast and present ourselves to God as “APPROVED.”

6/17 – approved workers are ROOTED

6/24 – approved workers are UNASHAMED

7/1 – approved workers ENDURE

7/8 – approved workers PASS INSPECTION

7/15 – approved workers HOLD FAST

7/22 – approved workers FIGHT FOR TRUTH

7/29 – approved workers PASS THE TORCH

8/5 – approved workers PAY THE PRICE

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