Battle of the sexes

Gender. It’s a pretty simple word that has gotten awfully confusing over the past few years. Gender roles. Gender stereotypes. Gender confusion. Gender swapping. It’s a pretty convoluted mess, and no matter what side of the argument you find yourself siding with – people can be passionate…and mean. And somewhere in the middle of all of the hate and vitriol, sincere men and women are left trying to figure out how to be and how to teach and raise their children. So, how do we navigate all of this? Is there a way to cut through all of the fear, rhetoric and snarky comments to come to some kind of real understanding about who men and women are supposed to be? What does God, the creator of men and women, have to say about this…and what does that mean for today? Be sure to join us at Blessed Hope Church as we explore God’s unique design for the sexes in our new series, “Battle of the Sexes.”

5/6 – biblical manhood

5/13 – biblical womanhood

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