"The best things in life are free..." You've heard that before right? Of course you have! We all know that money isn't the most important thing in life, but seriously...we'd be lying if we acted like it wasn't pretty important. We get it, life is expensive - gas is steep, groceries cost money, things break down - and don't even get us started about Christmas! Every year, despite our best intentions - we end up turning Christmas into some graduate level study on consumerism. We spend money we don't need (half of which will be regifted or returned)! And in all of that - we've forgotten what Christmas is really for. But, what if this year we could refocus a little? What if we could recalibrate ourselves and learn what God really means when He says that it's more blessed to give than to receive? So...if you're ready to do it different this Christmas season, be sure to join us at Blessed Hope as we tackle the subject of money and generosity in our new advent series, "The White Elephant in the Room - #checkyourheart".

12/2 - 10 truths about money and the stuff it produces

12/9 - SPECIAL SERVICE (children's program) & Check your heart - longing for Christmas

12/16 - Living generously - the gifts of the Magi

12/23 - sermon info coming soon

Blessed Hope Church

1509 South M Ave. · Vinton, IA 52349