New Series

Do you ever feel like you're just going through the motions?  Like you're always working hard to just do the right things or check the right boxes - hoping against hope that somehow, it will all finally make sense?  Because someone, somewhere told you this was how it was supposed to work.  Show up to church, read your Bible, recite your prayers, give your money - check, check, check.  This was supposed to make you happy...fulfill you...give your life purpose.  But so far - all of the religion that you've been able to muster hasn't done a single thing for you except to leave you tired, frustrated, empty and exhausted.  If you find yourself in that place - there is a good chance that you've substituted a genuine relationship with God for a religion.  And that can be a tough place to be because at it's foundation - religion teaches us to DO...whereas a relationship with Jesus teaches that it is DONE.  So...if you're tired of just not feeling it, exhausted trying to fake it or just plain ready for something different, please join us at Blessed Hope for our new series through the book of Colossians - "freedom from religion."

4/16 - what gets you out bed in the morning? - Easter Sunday

4/23 - an unbreakable security system

4/30 - become a game changer

5/07 - why rules don't impress God

5/14 - how to live for God without being a jerk

5/21 - how to survive broken relationships

5/28 - finishing well

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