gospel-centered Service

We desire that everyone who calls Blessed Hope home will take their responsibility to grow in Christian Discipleship seriously. One of the best ways to meet people, develop relationships, and grow as a follower of Christ is by finding a place to serve. God has given us all different gifts and talents to use to further the mission of the church. There are many ministry teams and volunteer roles to serve in here at Blessed Hope! Contact the Ministry Team Leaders listed below to get plugged in and find the right fit for you and your family!

School Bus drivers needed

We are looking for adults that are licensed to drive our school bus or willing to become licensed. Please email Vince for more information.

Adult Discipleship Team

This team understands that discipleship happens in relationships. Through community, with truth and grace, we are growing Christians from where they are, discipling them to become more Christ-like. They plan, coordinate and oversee our small group ministry, accountability groups and adult Sunday School classes with these core values at the center of everything: Bible-based, Relevance, Relationships, Discipleship, and Prayer-Dependency. This team is always looking to develop leaders to serve as small group leaders/co-leaders and Sunday School teachers.

Ministry Team Leader: Haley Close

building & grounds

This team works behind the scenes to ensure our church building and grounds look great and are always in working order.

Ministry Team Leader: John Anderson

children's discipleship team

This team understands the importance of discipling the next generation by partnering with families. They are meeting families where they're at to grow the next generation through Grace-filled, Christ-centered ministry to love Jesus and share his love. They plan and oversee all children and youth programs with these values at the forefront of their ministry: Excellence, Prayer-dependency, Eye-level & Bible-based teaching, and Partnership. There are so many wonderful opportunities to serve here! 

Ministry Team Leader: Vince Derr

Compassion team

This team exists to encourage our members to use gifts and talents to support and care for others while making a difference in people’s lives. They minister to shut-ins and provide comfort, care and encouragement to those who are experiencing loss or health needs. 

Ministry Team Leader: Diane Hesson

finance team

This team is responsible for managing our financial stewardship. They count & deposit our offering and oversee giving.

Ministry Team Leader: Mike Lutz/Diane Hesson

hospitality team

This team understands how important first impressions are. They lead and oversee teams of volunteers who help make Sunday mornings seamless by greeting, assisting guests in checking their kids into our children's programming, handing out bulletins, ushering and serving at our Visitor Center. 

Ministry Team Leader: Currently seeking to fill this role


As our church family continues to grow, maintaining safety has become a more apparent need. This team is trained to handle immediate emergency needs.

Ministry Team Leader: Chad Christoph

Internal Church NEEDS TEAM

Here at Blessed Hope we want to live out the biblical principles of the early church shown in Acts (Acts 2:42-47, 4:32-37). This means if there is a need that arises among anyone within our church body, we want to address the need and help out however possible. This ministry team plans, organizes, and puts the right people in place to assist the Blessed Hope community in times of need. To access the request form click HERE.

Ministry Team Leader: Jess Rich

Kitchen Team

This team works diligently behind the scenes to create a functional space for those utilizing the church kitchen and keep it stocked for on-going ministry needs. They coordinate funeral luncheons and oversee a team of volunteers who provide delicious meals and a welcoming environment at those luncheons. 

Ministry Team Leader: Bethany Gates

Mission Team

This team is responsible for our financial giving/outreach, discerning where God is leading them to direct our church tithes, whether it's supporting missionaries overseas, or supporting local ministries.

Ministry Team Leader: Carolyn Hibbs

TEch team

In order to continue to provide excellence in all that we do, we understand the need to be relevant. The purpose of the Tech Team is to enhance and deepen the worship experience. They exists to support every BH ministry opportunity with the right technology for a seamless, transparent worship experience.

This is accomplished by proactively recommending and investing in quality equipment, proper maintenance of the equipment and tech areas, and training our people how to properly use it.

Ministry Team Leader: Judah Gates

worship team

This team exists to lead our congregation in a musical worship experience and move people towards an emotional posture of worship. They use their gifts and talents to lead us in worship during Sunday morning services and other services/events throughout the year, keeping these values at the center of their worship to God: Excellence, Passion and Surrender.  We are currently seeking instrumentalists, specifically a drummer(s) and guitarist(s).

Ministry Team Leader: Lisa Thompson


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Vinton, IA 52349