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Meeting families where they're at to grow the next generation through Grace-filled, Christ-centered ministry to love Jesus and share his love.

Read more about our Children's Discipleship team's Mission and Core Values HERE.


The check-in process happens before our worship service begins and is located at the bottom of the stairs.  Here you will sign in each one of your children and take a number. This will allow us to remain in contact with you during the service, should the need arise.

We offer several areas of teaching/care:

Children's Church: Children in grades K-5 participate in a high energy, multi-media interactive program which offers an exciting time of learning, singing, crafts, and games.

Blessed Hope provides loving care for infants, toddlers and preschool age children while giving parents undistracted time to worship God and study His Word during the Worship Service and Sunday School hour.

Nursery Room - Infant - 18 mo.

Toddler Room - 19 mo.-3 yrs.

Preschool Room - 4 -5 yrs.

*We are currently on a break from Sunday School until September  


All children’s workers go through a screening process and must meet specific criteria before being allowed to volunteer in children’s ministry.  All workers must complete authorized background checks. 

F.B.I. (Faithful Bible Investigators)

F.B.I. is Blessed Hope's mid-week program which happens every Wednesday from 5:30 - 7:00.  These nights are child-centered and engaging.  F.B.I. includes dinner, a Bible lesson with grade level discussion, and a group activity or game that pulls it all together.  All children in the community are welcome to attend.

As an added bonus - our MOPS and MOMS NEXT program meets at the same time, so moms looking for a little kid free, grown-up time can meet with other moms as well. 

orange curriculum

The Children’s Discipleship team is excited to announce that starting this fall our curriculum from baby to high school will be getting an overhaul. This is the culmination of a process that was initiated in December. The CD team has worked very hard to prayerfully discern our mission and values. We believe this curriculum reflects the mission and values of Blessed Hope.

What is Orange? Orange Curriculum hangs its hat on the belief that two combined influences are greater than just two influences. In the Spiritual growth of a child there are two influencers: the Church and the Home. On average the Church has about 40 hours a year to influence a kid, while parents have 3,000. It’s foolish not to partner with parents. As volunteers and paid staff our influence is just for a time but a family’s influence is for a lifetime.

There are tons of reasons we love this curriculum and we can’t wait to share them. There are going to be three volunteer training days. So, if you’re currently serving in our children’s programming, Baby to Children’s Church, or you’d like to start, please plan to attend one of the three training sessions and sign up via our Facebook events or by contacting the church.

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