Hijacked Series - 10/20-11/17

“Love wins.” “Live your truth.” “God wants you to live your best life now.” “It doesn’t matter what you believe as long as you’re sincere.” We hear those phrases and ones like them all the time. Enlightened people say them, they’re all over social media and some churches even preach them from the pulpit. They sound good. They sound nice. They even sound a little Christian. But the reality is that they aren’t…not really. Instead, they are a part of a hijacked worldview that is formed from a grab bag of different religious thoughts, popular culture, what we’ve been taught, and our personal preferences. And ultimately…they don’t stack up to what the Bible really teaches. If you’re interested in breaking free, be sure to join us for our new sermon series, “Hijacked,” where we get back to the basics of a biblical worldview.

10/20 - humanism
10/27 – universalism
11/03 – spiritualism
11/10 – consumerism
11/17 – nationalism