Sermon on the Mount

Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount is one of the most well-known teachings in the Bible, and while it can be easy to find ourselves skimming over familiar passages in Scripture, it’s important for us to really dig in and learn from Jesus’ words with fresh interest, appreciation, and application. Too often, we turn the beatitudes and what follows into words that give “good advice” on how to live. But the truth that this text is filled with profound statements from Jesus about blessedness and true happiness. His words are life giving, refreshing, confusing, and paradoxical. How can poverty make you rich? How can being insulted make you blessed? How does giving to the needy lead to plenty? Why forgive…or love enemies? One of Jesus’ most important lessons in the Sermon on the Mount is that the way this world works is not how the Kingdom of God works. Plan to join us at Blessed Hope Community Church as we dig into Jesus’ counter-intuitive message – going verse by verse through The Sermon on the Mount in our new series beginning February 27th.

2/27 – Blessed Are You…
3/6 – Salt & Light
3/13 – The Law
3/20 – Anger
3/27 – Lust & Divorce
4/3 – Vows & Commitment
4/10 – Revenge & Enemies
4/24 – Helping the Poor
5/1 – Prayer & Fasting
5/8 – Money & Trust
5/15 – Judging
5/22 – The Way to Heaven
5/29 – Authenticity