We all walk through this life wounded. We all get hurt. Sometimes it comes from the actions of a stranger, or worse – from a person we love. Sometimes wounds come from unmet expectations…or even things we do to ourselves. But unfortunately…too many times…wounds and hurts come from inside the church. Church hurt happens. To everyone. And it can be one of the hardest things to get past because the church is the one place where we thought we’d be safe. But the truth is, the church is made up of people…and people are broken and messy. Therefore, the church is often times broken and messy too. And we need to heal because wounds that go undealt with will begin to fester and will, in time, infect other parts of our lives…it’s inevitable. So, whether your hurts are from a long time ago…or they’re fresh – please join us for our new series “Wounded,” we dig into church hurts (and other hurts too) to explore ways that we can heal in God’s grace.

8/2 – Am I Church Hurt?
8/9 – Bringing Wounds into Light
8/16 – Wounded by the Church
8/23 – Overcoming Our Wounds