Long Story Short

The Bible can be an odd and daunting book. Lots of people have one in their home, but not many people spend a lot of time reading it because it can be confusing. Is it really the Word of God? What does that even mean? Where do we start? And how can we understand it all? These are great questions and the truth is – there is no substitute for reading your Bible because they are God’s very own words to us. But we understand that reading our Bible will be easier when we understand the story that unfolds across its pages. The Bible is an epic tale of love, loss, pain, adventure, and redemption. It’s the story of a God who loves fiercely and unconditionally – and we are excited to help bring it to life. So, be sure to join us as Blessed Hope Community Church as we uncover the story of Scripture in our new 15-week sermon series, “Long Story Short.”

9/13 – God
9/20 – Creation
9/27 – Fall
10/4 – Hope of Redemption
10/11 – Exodus
10/18 – Covenant
10/25 – Wandering & Conquering
11/1 – Decline (Judges)
11/8 – Kingdom
11/15 – Wisdom
11/22 – Prophets
11/29 – Messiah
12/6 – Hope Realized
12/13 – The Church
12/20 – Consummation