Prodigal Church

The church in Corinth was a church with problems. Not unlike the problems that face many churches today. They were surrounded by corruption and every conceivable sin – and they felt intense pressure to just adapt and blend in. They knew they were made new and free in Christ, but what exactly did that freedom mean? And how were they to navigate issues like worldliness, spiritual disunity, and sexual sin? And how should they answer questions about marriage and divorce, women leading in the church and the gifts of the Holy Spirit? These were more than theoretical questions as the church was being undermined by immorality and spiritual immaturity – their faith was being put to the test and some of them were failing.

That is the backdrop of Paul’s first letter to Corinth. He heard of their difficulties and he wrote 1st Corinthians to address their issues, help heal their hurts, and answer their questions. Paul, as a spiritual father, confronted, corrected, taught, admonished and encouraged the Christians in Corinth – helping them address their sin and put their total trust in Jesus Christ.

Paul’s words for the church in Corinth are so powerful that they ring through the centuries and speak directly to many of the struggles that the church deals with today. Plan to join us at Blessed Hope Community Church as we take the time to work through the book of 1st Corinthians verse by verse – beginning in January 2021.