2022 Summer Semester

Welcome to our summer semester! We are taking a short break from our regular groups this summer - but don’t worry, small groups will resume this fall! Summer semester will begin the week of Sunday, June 12th.

Once you have signed up, expect to receive confirmation from Pastor Matt via email, with information about your class (syllabus, materials, etc.).

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Discipleship Track 2 - CONNECT

Sundays 6:30-8pm - Revolution
Leader: Pastor Matt

Track 2 (CONNECT) is designed to help us know what it means to connect our faith in God to our everyday lives. This class is a deep dive into Christian living – looking to bridge the gap between head knowledge and behavior. In this track we will focus on everything that it means to live our new life in Christ.

*Must have completed Track 1
Requirements: Your Bible, workbook will be provided

Discipleship Track 1 - FOLLOW

Mondays 6:30-8pm - Revolution
Leader: Pastor Matt

A disciple of Jesus is a follower of Jesus. We are, as Christians, disciples…which means we should be growing to be more and more like Jesus. If being a disciple is being a follower - then discipleship is the process, guided by the church, where we help disciples along their journey. Here at BHCC our Discipleship Strategy involves 4 steps. We help to grow disciples by encouraging people to FOLLOW Jesus, CONNECT with the church, GROW in faith, and LIVE with purpose. In order to help in the process, BHCC has launched 4 discipleship tracks (one for each step). We believe that each track will be helpful in orienting those who call BHCC home to a life-long journey of discipleship. Track 1 (FOLLOW) is designed to help us know more about the God that we are committed to following. This is a deep dive into the core basic doctrines of our faith.

Requirements: Your Bible, workbook will be provided